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Fraud Investigation Insight!

Risk Insight for IT

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Fraud Investigation Insight

Proolabs has a Fraud Investigation Insight (FII) product that will help unearth fraud in your organization. This product is... Read More

Marketing and Customer Insight

To grow your business, you need to grow and maximize revenue as well as managing Customer Experience. To achieve... Read More

Electoral Voter Insight

Proolabs has done impressive and first of its kind Electoral Voter Insight (EVI) product. This solution is for anyone... Read More

Power of Analytics

Business case: In business today, there are lots of data being generated, captured and stored from every area of business. Proolabs has built and implemented advanced analytics solutions that provide valuable insights to your business. These solutions can help grow your businesses. Why not talk to us and get started! Political case: Proolabs has built a unique analytics models for those seeking 2017 elective positions in Kenya. Our EVI (Electoral Voter Insight) has provided candidates in past by-elections 100% victory. If you have interest in seeking governor, senator, MP or MCA positions, EVI is the tool to increase your success while minimizing your cost in campaigns.


Proolabs is a Data Science startup founded by Paul Roy Owino and is a fully registered Kenya company with operations across East Africa. Proolabs have offices located at TheHub East Africa along Waiyaki way, Nairobi Kenya. Our team is made up of the most experienced Data Scientists with immense knowledge and experience in Statistical Modelling, […]

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